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Designer, artsy, ethnic and vintage necklaces, vintage rings, vintage bracelets, vintage pins, vintage pendants, and more! The vast majority is costume jewelry; some of the vintage items are made of genuine (like leather and horn) and / or semi-precious materials such as Sterling Silver, Topaz, Turquoise, Coral and other semi-precious stones.

Not all the jewelry is vintage – all is estate! – but if you appreciate ORIGINAL jewelry, you’ll love the eclectic collection!


Vintage and Estate Necklaces

Vintage and Estate Rings

Vintage and Estate Bracelets

Bracelets featured on this Websites are vintage and / or estate. Items described as in mint condition, in fact are. Please be advised however that when it comes to stretchable bracelets, we can’t be liable for the fitness of the elastic which may become brittle with time. A bracelet described as being in mint condition, is at the time of shipping.

Vintage and Estate Ear Clips

Vintage and Estate Pins

Vintage and Estate Pendants


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