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Terms of Use

Vintage Designer Clothing Website features a delicious mix of vintage, contemporary and pre-owned items that are featured because they’re particularly artistic and / or luxurious. Each item is accompanied by a truthful and detailed description which includes the item’s condition.

Since all the items on Vintage Designer Clothing Website are pre-owned, we have only ONE item of each. There isn’t – and can’t be – a selection of sizes or colors.
Because of these unique considerations, Vintage Designer Clothing doesn’t accept returns or issue refunds. If you have a question about an item’s measurements, please contact us: specify what item you’re considering and we’ll be glad to provide you with measurements or answer any other questions you may have about a specific item.

Vintage Designer Clothing Website ships within the Continental United States, only. If you’d like your order to be shipped outside of the Continental US, please inquire about the shipping costs prior to placing an order.

The flat rate for domestic shipping of any single item by Priority Mail is $10. Orders consisting of heavier items (such as a coat, leather jacket, boots, household items, etc.) incur an additional shipping charge of $10 and may be shipped by Parcel Post.

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We DON’T control or negotiate shipping costs! We’ll TRY to save you money on shipping.