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Negotiate A Deal On Fabulous Vintage Designer Clothing: vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage shoes, vintage handbags and such to get a price you can afford.

Negotiate A Deal On Fabulous Vintage Designer Clothing

For the first time ever, shoppers have the opportunity to make an offer on the luxurious vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage shoes and vintage handbags sold on Vintage Designer Clothing Website!

No matter what item you like, be it a vintage evening gown, vintage shoes, vintage handbags or vintage jewelry, you can purchase it outright OR Negotiate A Deal (make an offer). No, not every offer will be accepted but there is always a chance you may get a better deal.

Now even if you’re on a budget, you can negotiate a deal on luxurious vintage stuff and get an amazing deal. A great match: fine, vintage designer clothing and good deals!

Look around, pick the items you love and make an offer. We’re open to your offers. (The only thing off limits is the cost of shipping: the US post office doesn’t accept offers, weight determines the cost of shipping. There’s no way around it.) Other than shipping: ANYTHING GOES. Give it a try!

One more thing, we implemented the same make an offer system on our other Website.

Vintage Designer Clothing


Vintage Designer Clothing, classic retro clothing, luxury vintage clothing you can make an offer on. Vintage Evening Gowns, Vintage Blazers, Vintage Shoes, Vintage Handbags and more.


Vintage Nolan Miller BlazerVintage Designer Clothing is the finest among vintage clothing. Vintage designer clothing is often one-of-a-kind which makes it perfect for the individualist. The quality of vintage designer clothing is superb; the fabrics and even incidentals used are exquisite. The workmanship is superior to anything that’s available in retail stores, today.

There is still another way to look at vintage designer clothing: every item has a history… Let’s say, you pick up a coat from the early 60s and you’re magically in tune with the style of Jacqueline Kennedy. Grab a vintage garb from early 70s and just imagine what shenanigans the original owner was involved in. We’re talking about the hippie era, protests against the war in Vietnam, fight for racial equality and sexual liberation…. If you choose a vintage designer gown from the 80s, voila you can magically transform yourself into Crystal – or Alexis – Carrington from “Dynasty”.

You’ll find plenty of vintage designer clothing (classic, retro and vintage clothing) as well as vintage accessories from allover the world on our Website. The vintage evening gowns – appropriate for any formal occasion – are magical. Our equally formal vintage designer blazers are stunning. Our vintage jewelry and ethnic jewelry will have you spellbound. Of course, there is more: vintage suits, vintage dresses, you name it. And then, there are shoes: vintage shoes – and less so – but to die for….

SUPER-SEXY Anne Klein Stiletto Booties LACQUER Animal PrintWho created the vintage clothing and fashions that never lost their appeal? Some of the most famous and best-loved vintage designers who shaped the history of fashion (in no particular order) are: Coco Channel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Oleg Cassini, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Gianni Versace. (You can read more about these classic fashion icons their lives and contributions to fashion and style on Vintage Designer Clothing Blog.) There were and are many other – perhaps less known but equally talented – fashion designers who contributed their talent and shaped our sense of style over the past decades. Their enduring legacy is classic and today considered retro, vintage designer clothing.

Vintage clothing – and vintage designer clothing in particular – represents history, mystery, nostalgia, “magic” and our enduring love affair with re-creating ourselves through our outfits.
Vintage designer clothing is unique, original and luxurious. With all that said, the greatest feature of vintage clothing is its character.

Vintage Ed Hardy Men Jacket

Fashion is fleeting, style is constant.

When you wear retro or vintage designer clothing, you make a powerful statement: “I’m not one of the sheep who shop at the mall. I am my own person, defined by my own unique style.”

Vintage Perez PumpsAnd let’s face it, vintage clothing is just the beginning. There is A LOT more, at least on this Website! There are Vintage Blazers, Vintage Suits, Vintage Coats, Vintage  Jackets, Vintage Jewelry, Vintage Evening Gowns, Vintage Shoes, Vintage Jeans, and plenty more on the way! There will be Vintage Dresses, Vintage Tops, Vintage Sweaters, Vintage Skirts, Vintage Pants, Vintage Lingerie, Vintage Shoes, Vintage Scarves, Vintage Handbags, and more soon…
Long story short, vintage is a STYLE!

No, not all items on Vintage Designer Clothing Website are vintage, just like not all of them are previously owned. There are some items that were never used and some items that are not quite retro but especially artistic or luxurious. With that said, if you appreciate classic vintage clothing and the finer things in life, you may just find our unique concept appealing…

And now, we’ve added Make An Offer option available on every product page! Please note: we DON’T negotiate shipping costs, the Post Office controls shipping rates, we don’t. We’ll TRY to save you money on shipping: if we can, we’ll refund you the difference.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We don’t like returns anymore then you do and due to the nature of vintage clothing, we can’t replace an item with the same one in a different size or color: we have only one item of a kind. So we ask that you check the size / measurements, before you make a purchase or make an offer. 99% of the items on Vintage Designer Clothing Website are vintage. We disclose all known to us flaws but please expect some signs of wear.

(Please note: if you’ve clicked on a product link and received an error, the product has been SOLD already. Sorry!)

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We DON’T control or negotiate shipping costs! We’ll TRY to save you money on shipping.