Lottusse Vintage Boots
Lottusse Vintage Boots Closeup

Vintage Boots by Lottusse Company, Size 8


The utmost of European luxury: these exquisite, vintage boots were hand-crafted by the renowned Lottusse Company in Spain. The Lottusse Company is one of the most esteemed shoe manufacturers in Europe.

These vintage boots are made of the finest quality leather: leather outside; inside; the insole and the sole. The heel is 3.5” and spunky. There is a side zipper.

The leather is outstanding! The magic of the Spanish shoe-making will make you feel like you’re flying in these fabulous boots!

The boots have two other extra-ordinary features:
1/ the boot shaft is longer than usual, measured along the inner seem, it’s 15” from the heel to top.
2/ the shaft’s circumference is PERFECT for a slim calf at 14”.

These boots are vintage but in excellent condition: very clean; the heels are perfect; there is no noticeable damage of any kind, only minor signs of wear. SHARP!

Retail value (new): $800.00

Brand: Lottusse Company (Made in Spain)
Size 8
Heel: 3.5”

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