Vintage Designer Clothing
May 242015

Negotiate A Deal On Fabulous Vintage Designer Clothing: vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage shoes, vintage handbags and such to get a price you can afford.

Negotiate A Deal On Fabulous Vintage Designer Clothing

For the first time ever, shoppers have the opportunity to make an offer on the luxurious vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage shoes and vintage handbags sold on Vintage Designer Clothing Website!

No matter what item you like, be it a vintage evening gown, vintage shoes, vintage handbags or vintage jewelry, you can purchase it outright OR Negotiate A Deal (make an offer). No, not every offer will be accepted but there is always a chance you may get a better deal.

Now even if you’re on a budget, you can negotiate a deal on luxurious vintage stuff and get an amazing deal. A great match: fine, vintage designer clothing and good deals!

Look around, pick the items you love and make an offer. We’re open to your offers. (The only thing off limits is the cost of shipping: the US post office doesn’t accept offers, weight determines the cost of shipping. There’s no way around it.) Other than shipping: ANYTHING GOES. Give it a try!

One more thing, we implemented the same make an offer system on our other Website.


We DON’T control or negotiate shipping costs! We’ll TRY to save you money on shipping.