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Natural Fragrances


The natural fragrances (Eau De Parfums) on were handmade in small batches. They feature natural essential oils and fragrance oils derived from flowers, plants, fragrant tree bark and roots and natural flavors in a base of natural denatured alcohol and distilled water.

The natural fragrances are mostly one note scents, like Nature intended, but who doesn’t LOVE the scent of a fresh rose, ripe and juicy peach or tropical coconut?…

Natural Fragrances

All of the natural fragrances are cruelty-free (have NO animal derived ingredients), phthalates-free, nitro musk-free and artificial dyes-free.

Natural Rose Fragrance (Eau De Parfum)
Natural Coconut Fragrance (Eau De Parfum)
Natural Peach Fragrance (Eau De Parfum)
Natural Sweet Pea Fragrance (Eau De Parfum)
Natural Orange And Chili Pepper Fragrance (Eau De Parfum)

What’s the difference between Eau De Parfum and a Perfume?
Eau De Parfums are less concentrated and their scents don’t last quite as long as perfumes’.
Eau De Parfums usually come in larger size (1 oz) bottles and are the moderately priced form of a scent.
Perfumes are concentrated and their scents are long-lasting.
Perfumes usually come in very small bottles and are the best – and consequently, costliest – form of a scent.


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