Vintage Tops


As you see we’re just starting this section but yes, there’s an abundance of spectacular tops, blouses, shirts, and what have you on the way! Great designer vintage tops, exquisite quality vintage tops, inspired vintage tops in many sizes. Bear with us: vintage tops are coming.

Vintage Tops (Size Small and X-Small)

Vintage Tops (Size Medium)

Vintage Tops (Size Large and X-Large)

Vintage Designer Sweaters


Vintage Designer Sweaters as well as vintage sweaters from renowned brands are on the way!  Only the best in style and quality. We’re talking Cashmere, Mohair, Angora, Merino Wool, you name it. No synthetics, no cheap blends: the REAL thing, worth buying; worth owning and worth wearing!


Vintage Designer Sweaters Size S


Vintage Designer Sweaters Size M


Vintage Designer Sweaters Size L & XL

Vintage Blazers


Vintage designer blazers? You bet! Some of the featured designers are: Evan-Picone, Ellen Tracy, Carole Little, Linda Allard, Oleg Cassini, Jones New York, Nolan Miller, Anne Klein, Liz Claiborne, Kenar, Chaus and others. (There’re also a few vintage, well-known brands’ blazers.) Spectacular vintage and classic styles in the finest quality fabrics: pure wool, silk, leather, some vintage blazers embellished with crystals and sequins… All have a history and distinct style. Dig in:


Vintage Designer Blazers (Size Small and X-Small)

Vintage Designer Blazers (Size Medium)

Vintage Designer Blazers (Size Large and X-Large)


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