Vintage Designer Pantsuits


Vintage and gently worn – few seasons old! – Designer Pantsuits in EXCELLENT condition. We’re talking here about pantsuits by fine designers and such fabrics as linen, silk and wool… Just like the classic skirt suit, the pantsuit is professional attire: empowering in the office and classy elsewhere.


Vintage Designer Pantsuits (Size Small and X-Small)


Vintage Designer Pantsuits (Size Medium)


Vintage Designer Pantsuits (Size Large and X-Large)

Vintage Designer Skirt Suits


Exquisite quality, some Vintage Designer Skirt Suits made of fine fabrics. Some of the designers are Jones New York, Anne Klein II, Donna Karan and Elie Tahari.

The ages, styles and colors of the Vintage Designer Skirt Suits vary but there’s something for any taste…. Great quality, designer skirt suit is a wardrobe staple that has many uses in the boardroom and beyond. After all, as the Germans say: clothes “make” people and yes, people judge and treat you based on your outfit. If you’re looking to increase your authority, competence and confidence a well-tailored Vintage Designer Skirt Suit will give you the competitive edge.


Vintage Designer Skirt Suits (Size Small and X-Small)

Vintage Designer Skirt Suits (Size Medium)

Vintage Designer Skirt Suits (Size Large and X-Large)


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